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About Us

Soul Scuba foundation (Soul Initiatives) is a Non-governmental organization that works to protect and preserve ocean and marine ecosystems in Raja Ampat. Our passionate team members are educating the locals and guest with different presentations in the dive center weekly.

Soul Initiatives is established in 2023 with a lot programs already going on.

We have different marine conservation programs to help the environment in Raja Ampat. We are focusing first in the areas near by us like Kri island and Mansuar island where our nearest village Yenbuba is located from us. 

Your help will keep the Raja Ampat in paradise conditions by donating the program you wish.

We think giving strong knowledge about waste management, underwater ecosystem and tourism will help the Raja Ampat to have its paradise stage which we everyone hopes.
This will also help the local communities enjoy the daily fish what they uses as their food source.

Our Mission

You can help to make the difference 


Tourism is back and the waste in the islands start to pile up. Soul scuba divers are educating the locals staff members and homestay’s near by how to reduce and recycle different waste.

Souls scuba divers have been making regular waste trips to Sorong, to teach the locals that as a company we also take part in maintaining the cleaness of Raja Ampat.

We believe that providing robust knowledge on waste management, underwater ecosystems, and responsible tourism is key to ensuring Raja Ampat reaches its full potential as a paradise. This, in turn, enables local communities to continue enjoying daily catches of fish, a vital food source for them.


Ongoing programs at Soul Initiatives

Cleaner Raja Ampat

Our ambitious initiative involves creating a comprehensive recycling infrastructure. This center will encompass expansive facilities equipped with cutting-edge machinery to efficiently clean, process, and melt plastic waste collected from Raja Ampat.

Mangrove rehabilitation

Join us in this transformative journey by adopting a mangrove tree. Your contribution will directly support our mangrove rehabilitation efforts, allowing us to plant, nurture, and protect these essential components of Raja Ampat's vibrant ecosystem.

Mooring lines for Raja Ampat

Together with The SEA People, we're setting sail on a mission to plant mooring lines for dive boats, liveaboards, and private sailing vessels. These lines provide a secure and environmentally friendly method for boats to anchor without causing harm to the vibrant coral reefs below. By adopting this greener approach, we aim to preserve Raja Ampat's unparalleled marine life for generations to come.

Get involved

At Soul Initiatives, we have implemented various marine conservation programs aimed at safeguarding the environment in Raja Ampat.


Our initial focus is on the areas closest to us, such as Kri Island and Mansuar Island, where the village of Yenbuba is situated. Your support can help us maintain the paradise-like conditions of Raja Ampat by contributing to the program of your choice.

Add on the description which project you want to donate it for and your name to give you credit on social media.

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