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Soul Initiatives FAQ

What is the mission of Soul Scuba Foundation (Soul Initiatives)?

  • The mission of Soul Scuba Foundation (Soul Initiatives) is to protect and preserve ocean and marine ecosystems in Raja Ampat through sustainable initiatives and community engagement.

When was the Soul Scuba Foundation established?

  • Soul Scuba Foundation was established in 2023.

Can you tell me more about the marine conservation programs implemented by Soul Scuba Foundation?

  • Soul Scuba Foundation primarily focuses on marine conservation efforts in Raja Ampat, particularly on Kri Island and Mansuar Island. Soul Scuba Foundation implements various marine conservation programs, including beach clean-ups, recycling initiatives, and educational campaigns. Read more on Our Mission page

  • How can I support Soul Scuba Foundation's efforts in Raja Ampat?

  • You can support Soul Scuba Foundation's efforts in Raja Ampat by donating to different programs, participating in beach clean-ups, or spreading awareness about marine conservation.

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