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Soul initiatives 

Soul Scuba TEAM

Who we are ?

Welcome to Soul Scuba Foundation, also known as Soul Initiatives – a non-governmental organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of ocean and marine ecosystems in the breathtaking region of Raja Ampat. Established in 2023, our passionate team is actively engaged in educating both locals and visitors through weekly presentations at the dive center.

At Soul Initiatives, we have implemented various marine conservation programs aimed at safeguarding the environment in Raja Ampat. Our initial focus is on the areas closest to us, such as Kri Island and Mansuar Island, where the village of Yenbuba is situated. Your support can help us maintain the paradise-like conditions of Raja Ampat by contributing to the program of your choice.

We believe that providing robust knowledge on waste management, underwater ecosystems, and responsible tourism is key to ensuring Raja Ampat reaches its full potential as a paradise. This, in turn, enables local communities to continue enjoying daily catches of fish, a vital food source for them.

In adherence to Raja Ampat's strict fishing regulations, we actively promote and support multiple no-take zones in the region.

Your contribution makes a significant impact on the sustainability and well-being of Raja Ampat. Join us in creating a lasting positive change for this incredible marine environment.

Soul Iniatives Team

Meet the Champions of Change

Behind every wave of transformation, there are individuals who stand as the driving force. Meet the heart and soul of Soul Initiatives – our dedicated team of passionate changemakers. Committed to the cause of preserving and protecting the oceanic wonders of Raja Ampat, our workers embody the spirit of positive impact.

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