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At Soul Initiatives our primary commitment is to usher in a cleaner era for Raja Ampat. Through relentless dedication, we have established a recycling station that forms the cornerstone of our waste management initiative.

We believe in envisioning a future where the shores of Raja Ampat are pristine and free from plastic pollution. Our commitment goes beyond the present, and we're excited to share our ambitious plans for the days ahead.

Cleaner Raja Ampat Mission


Currently operating from our dedicated location on Kri Island, we are taking small but impactful steps. The future holds the promise of extending our reach, and we are determined to make Waisai Island a key hub in our mission for a plastic-free paradise.

We started by having recycling bins out at the beach near to entering the jetty of Soul Scuba divers. We were collecting, sorting, and sending the waste to Sorong to the recycling center which nowadays doesn't function the same way that it used to. This action made us have a bigger and faster reaction to our waste management project.

We are organizing beach clean-ups regular basis on the surface intervals and our beach clean-up focused on Kri Island.


In January, we are excited to introduce cutting-edge machinery, including plastic shredders and melters, revolutionizing our approach. What sets us apart is our innovative Educational Shredder, a bicycle-powered model that takes our mission directly to local villages. We believe in showcasing the intrinsic value of plastic, turning it from waste into a valuable resource.

These state-of-the-art machines allow us not only to store and manage waste efficiently but also to transform it into customizable shapes. Imagine bricks, blanks, and sheets that, in turn, become chairs, tables, and essential building materials for local houses. The possibilities are limitless, and we are only limited by our collective imagination.


Next Steps

Our commitment to combat plastic pollution drives us to acquire more advanced machines. These additions will not only enhance our plastic cleaning capabilities but also ensure a more efficient and thorough process before the crucial shredding stage.

A strong foundation requires a dedicated team. As we chart our course towards a cleaner Raja Ampat, we plan to bolster our workforce by adding skilled and passionate individuals to our team. More hands mean more impact, and we're eager to welcome new members who share our vision.

In our quest for a cleaner Raja Ampat, we're setting our sights on establishing a recycling center on Waisai Island. This strategic move allows us to scale up our operations, providing a centralized hub for collecting, storing, and reusing plastic on a larger scale. The heart of our future recycling efforts, this center will be a pivotal step towards creating a sustainable model for plastic management.

How you can help?

Your support is pivotal in realizing this vision. By contributing to our cause, you are not just supporting waste management; you are investing in a sustainable and vibrant future for Raja Ampat. Help us turn plastic into progress and be a part of our journey towards a cleaner, greener Raja Ampat.

At this point Soul Scuba Divers have been funding the projects.

Be part of the keeping The Last Paradise and DONATE towards to Cleaner Raja Ampat

Mangrove Rehabilitation Mission

At Soul Initiavites we are champions of the delicate balance that sustains the stunning ecosystem of Raja Ampat. Our ongoing mission to rehabilitate mangrove forests stands as a testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Why Mangroves Matters?

Guardians of Biodiversity Mangroves aren't just trees; they are vital guardians of biodiversity. Nestled along the coastlines, these remarkable ecosystems serve as nurseries for marine life, providing a safe haven for fish and other marine species during crucial developmental stages. Mangroves act as natural barriers, protecting coastal areas from erosion and storm surges, contributing to the overall resilience of the ecosystem.


Currently, our humble nursery is fostering mangrove seedlings, a small but impactful step towards the rehabilitation of damaged areas around Raja Ampat. As we expand our efforts, we aim to restore these crucial habitats, ensuring they thrive once more.

Understanding the local reliance on mangroves as a source of firewood for cooking, we're introducing a sustainable solution. Through the "Support a Local Water Filters" initiative, we provide communities with access to water filters, reducing the need for firewood to boil water. This not only preserves the mangroves but also ensures communities have access to safe drinking water.

Join us in this transformative journey by adopting a mangrove tree. Your contribution will directly support our mangrove rehabilitation efforts, allowing us to plant, nurture, and protect these essential components of Raja Ampat's vibrant ecosystem.

We've taken our first steps in giving back to Yenbuba Villagers, and with the support of local NGOs, we aim to extend these initiatives further. Your donations make these ongoing efforts possible, creating a positive ripple effect for both the environment and local communities.

Read More about Support a Local 

Mooring lines 

At soul initiatives, we are dedicated to safeguarding the pristine beauty of Raja Ampat. In collaboration with The SEA People, we are embarking on a mission to introduce sustainable mooring solutions that will redefine the way boats anchor in these breathtaking waters.

Why Raja Ampat need mooring line?

The surge in tourism, coupled with the introduction of direct flights from Bali to Raja Ampat and an increase in the number of liveaboards navigating the region, has raised concerns about the insufficient mooring infrastructure available. This has resulted in a detrimental impact on the delicate coral reefs in the area.

Anchoring has posed a significant threat to the delicate coral ecosystems in Raja Ampat. Coral damage from anchors negatively impacts the marine biodiversity that calls these waters home. Recognizing this challenge, we are committed to implementing a sustainable alternative - mooring lines.

What We do

Together with The SEA People, we're setting sail on a mission to plant mooring lines for dive boats, liveaboards, and private sailing vessels. These lines provide a secure and environmentally friendly method for boats to anchor without causing harm to the vibrant coral reefs below. By adopting this greener approach, we aim to preserve Raja Ampat's unparalleled marine life for generations to come.

Our mooring lines are strategically placed to ensure the safety of boats while minimizing impact on the coral reefs. By distributing the load across multiple lines, we prevent concentrated stress points, safeguarding the health of the underwater ecosystems.


As part of our ongoing commitment to preserving the pristine marine ecosystem in Raja Ampat, we are pleased to announce a significant initiative. In response to the challenges posed by the increased tourism and liveaboard traffic, we have taken proactive steps to install two new mooring lines.

One of these mooring lines will be strategically placed near Yenbuba Village, a bustling area frequented by liveaboards. This initiative aims to alleviate the impact on the marine environment in this busy zone. The second mooring line will be established in close proximity to our dive center, further reinforcing our dedication to sustainable and responsible practices.

These installations not only symbolize our dedication to environmental conservation but also serve as practical solutions to mitigate the effects of tourism on the coral reefs. We believe that these efforts will contribute to the long-term health and resilience of the marine life in Raja Ampat.

We extend our gratitude to all those who support and share our vision for a thriving and balanced marine ecosystem

How you can help?

This mission is made possible through the generous support of individuals like you. Your donation directly contributes to the installation and maintenance of mooring lines, turning the tide towards a more sustainable future for Raja Ampat.

SEAPEOPLE - Orang Laut Coral restoration

We're deeply committed to the preservation and rejuvenation of our oceans. Partnering with SEApeople - Orang Laut, a dedicated organization, we're actively involved in the restoration of coral reefs in the stunning region of Raja Ampat.

Coral reefs are the lifeblood of our oceans, providing habitat for diverse marine life and protecting coastal areas. Unfortunately, these vital ecosystems face threats due to climate change, pollution, and human activities. Through our collaboration, we're determined to reverse this decline and restore the vibrancy of Raja Ampat's coral reefs.


Since 2016, SEA People has been actively engaged in the restoration of deteriorated coral reefs in collaboration with local communities in Raja Ampat. In the initial stages, constrained by limited funding and resources, we adopted a project-based approach. Six strategic satellite sites were carefully chosen for focused restoration efforts.


Ongoing restoration initiative is dedicated to revitalizing one hectare of deteriorated reef annually. Simultaneously, SEAPEOPLE strive to safeguard an extra hectare of degraded reef and generate sustainable full-time employment opportunities for members of the local community.

How you can help?

Together, let's protect and preserve the underwater wonders of Raja Ampat. Join us in supporting the collaborative efforts of scuba divers and SEApeople - Orang Laut to revive and sustain these invaluable coral ecosystems.

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